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Ad Back List is a legal Classified Site to promote affiliates. You can put up anything on the Site and find jobs. Below is our online Privacy Policy on this website:

Post & Protection:

We'd like to inform you that Ad Back List will not accept any fraud or scams and much more. Ad Back List is a place open for all anyone is welcome to post any information here. However, we have a particular rule to protect our customers and everyone else. It is not allowed to use scams on Ad Back List. If anyone uploads any photos and there is a complaint regarding the photo or other personal concerns, We will remove the image and take it down. Ad Back List will always be your legal protection. You can use Ad Back List however you like and worry about privacy!

Acceptance of online privacy policies

When you access, use the article, write an article, answer or browse the Site by using the Site, you acknowledge your acceptance of the current online privacy policy. If you disagree with the Privacy Policy If you don't, then you're not authorized to use the Site and should end your use of the Site immediately.

Group and the application of private information

We gather private information on you whenever you participate in trade transactions through the Site, utilize the products and services offered by the Site, request information or materials and upgrade or make changes to your account information, place orders, make purchases and even browse the website. For example, the information we gather and save on you could include your first and last name, your current email address for debit or credit card number, contact information billing and sending information, and command records, with any other pertinent information about your personal.

We can make use of the information we gather to:

  • present remarkable providers;
  • Get ready for a variety of news and other information that you might be interested in;
  • urge you to make use of brand new characteristics, articles, and provisions as well as products and services suppliers;
  • Get in touch with a representative regarding your article, questions, or advice on accounts;
  • procedure and address your own questions;
  • Enhance the Website
  • Monitor and oversee the usage of the website, For example, articles, answers, or accounting advice.
  • Implement the Terms of Use (together with the"Tasks").

  • You have given the website permission to send emails for users to reply to their messages and manage Actions. However, if you opt to receive notifications, you need to accept and agree that the Site sends text messages to phones on mobiles, and it could also lead to some text or data costs that will be used.

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